We are presently in the midst of restructuring. Please check back with us in March.

Appointment Teams minister at various times of every month. Please sign up for an appointment.

If there are no appointments available, there will be more posted on the 15th of each month.

If you are a MorningStar member, MFC, or MFM member, you can make an appointment to receive extended ministry.

Please note the date/time you choose–you will get a confirmation email and a 24-hour reminder. [If you do not get an immediate email, check your SPAM folder and give permission to our website to send you emails.]

Please wait 8 months between appointments–this includes if you miss or cancel your appointment.

If you have an emergency and must cancel, please contact us at propheticappt@outlook.com

See FAQ below for answers to frequently asked questions


Select date and time




How do I find my ministry appointment? The front desk at MorningStar has your room assignment and they can point you in the right direction

Can I receive appointment ministry over the phone or on live video?  At this time we can only minister in person.

I want to come with my spouse, should I sign up for one or two appointments? We minister to one person per ministry time, so please sign up for two appointments if you are coming with your spouse

I do not see any appointments available, how do I sign up? We only schedule our teams one month in advance, if all the appointments are taken for this month, there will be more added once we schedule that month’s teams. We usually upload new appointments on the 15th of every month (not during July because of the sabbatical)

When can I receive ministry again? Please wait 8 months before signing up for ministry again.

Can I swap with someone if I cannot show up? Please email propheticappt@outlook.com if you cannot show up and would like to swap with a person. If you give up your time, you will not be eligible for ministry for 8 months due to our scheduling system.