Mint Experience

On February 17, I was resting in the afternoon and suddenly I noticed the smell of mint. I looked around and saw no source for the smell, but when I laid my head back down, the smell of mint returned. I knew it was a prophetic word.

Mint represents freshness, like a fresh breath, and also refreshing. The Lord was showing me that He is about to breathe His fresh breath sending His refreshing life. Times of refreshing are being released into the world. The refreshing mint came twice, which means it is certain and will not be denied. I asked the Lord to reveal more about this refreshing, and I perceived He was showing me that He was about to blow wind in our sails and breathe life back into our dreams and cause those promises that have appeared dead to come to life.

After the Lord showed me this, I saw the eye of an eagle. I was impressed with the thought that the church is going to be given Eagle vision. I looked up information about eagles and found out that eagles have 20/4 vision, which means that they can see the details of an ant crawling on the ground when they are as high up as a ten-story building.  This eagle vision symbolizes a greater ability to see in the spirit and perceive all matters at a much greater level of detail and accuracy.  An anointing for stronger discernment and accuracy in prophetic ministry is being released.