The Bride

I saw a bride, beautiful and spotless, standing in a white room. The brightness of the white struck me, as if she could not have been any more spotless. She was radiant with life and joy. The idea the Spirit raised in me was that she was lacking nothing.

We are called to be such a bride—unified, spotless, and radiant.

We are coming into a season in which unity will produce purity in the church. We will help each other, in our community—our common unity—and through that connection, our purity as a church will be restored.

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Words of Impact

Have you ever given a prophetic word? Prophetic words can be life-changing events. I remember the first prophetic word I received.  I was 13, and a group of people we called ‘prophets’ visited my youth group.  To this day I do not know where they came from, but I remember being afraid of them.  I imagined that they would sit us down, reveal our greatest sins, fears, and shortcomings and that it would be the worst day of my life.  Instead, I count that day as one of the best of my life.

They told me that God loved me, and they told me that I had a future and a destiny that was beyond my wildest expectations.  They told me I was precious to God. It lifted my little 13-year old heart, turning me toward the Father in a powerful and lasting way; I discovered that God wanted me to know Him.  That prophetic word is one of the reasons I teach prophetic ministry today.

We can all prophesy; it is an amazing gift.  I encourage you, if you have not yet developed this gift, to begin discovering how the Lord speaks to you, and then ask for messages to lift up those around you.  You could change a life forever.

Words in Faith

God is faithful to speak.  When someone asks God for a word, He gives one.  I teach this to new prophetic people, because during my first year working on prophetic teams, I did not believe it.

When I was still learning how to hear God speak, I was on a prophetic team at the Harvest Conference.  After a frustrating hour of ministering to person after person with little prophetic flow, I told the leader of my team that I was not getting words—God was just not speaking. My team leader asked me to not get frustrated, and instead to try something new.  He said for the next person who comes to our team, start speaking a prophetic word and see what God gives you.  He said to start with five words:  ‘God is saying to you…’ and then see what happens.

Terrified to start a sentence without having the whole prophetic word, I told him I would try.  A young girl came to our team, and I prayed for a word but did not get one.  I knew the time had come to speak in faith.  My voice was a bit shaky, but I started saying ‘God is saying to you….’ I had no idea what I was going to say next, but at the same time that I released those five words, I had a sudden vision of a butterfly breaking out of a cocoon, spreading its wings, and flying.  It happened fast—faster than it takes to explain. I finished the sentence I had started and told the young girl the vision; I told her it meant she was in a time of dramatic transformation and new beginnings.  She smiled as she told me God speaks to her through butterflies all the time.

I gave God five words in faith and He met that faith with exactly what I needed.  God is faithful.

Take Action

Receiving a prophetic word is more active than it looks. It’s different from receiving a compliment. When I receive a compliment, I say ‘why, thank you’ and go on with my day.  Receiving a prophetic word often requires actively agreeing with the word so that it can be fully released.

In 2002 I received a prophetic word that God has called me to be a Voice. I am not a naturally gifted speaker, but I knew it was a word from God. It would have been easy for me to do nothing and to hope the word would come true on its own, but it was a prophetic word that I needed to pursue if I wanted it. Continue reading