Take Action

Receiving a prophetic word is more active than it looks. It’s different from receiving a compliment. When I receive a compliment, I say ‘why, thank you’ and go on with my day.  Receiving a prophetic word often requires actively agreeing with the word so that it can be fully released.

In 2002 I received a prophetic word that God has called me to be a Voice. I am not a naturally gifted speaker, but I knew it was a word from God. It would have been easy for me to do nothing and to hope the word would come true on its own, but it was a prophetic word that I needed to pursue if I wanted it.I have actively agreed with this word in many ways, even though it was uncomfortable most of the time. I moved away from home to be trained in ministry school and I participated in as many activities as I could that would help me be a better speaker.  Since then, I have taught prophetic classes in churches and on ministry trips and I have even spoken at conferences.  When I pursued this word, God opened doors for me to minister in churches and schools.  In each case I was stepping towards being the Voice that God called me to be.

Look at prophetic words that have been spoken over you. Talk to God about them—ask Him to show you how to pursue them. He will show you how to take action.