The Bride

I saw a bride, beautiful and spotless, standing in a white room. The brightness of the white struck me, as if she could not have been any more spotless. She was radiant with life and joy. The idea the Spirit raised in me was that she was lacking nothing.

We are called to be such a bride—unified, spotless, and radiant.

We are coming into a season in which unity will produce purity in the church. We will help each other, in our community—our common unity—and through that connection, our purity as a church will be restored.

After I saw the bride in radiant white, I saw her dress turn to a vivid red and then suddenly she was ablaze with a fire that engulfed her. The fire did not consume her, instead she wore the flames as if they were a garment.

The bride now carried the fire of glory.

The message to the church is to begin with community. Unity will produce purity. Purity will bring the fire of glory.

We have had a taste of the glory. But God wants a bride who has a glory that remains. We are being called first to unity and community.

This is the call for today: find where you belong in the bride. We need you—we need everyone in their rightful place. Everyone—men, women, and children—everyone has a place in the bride.

Seek and search and find your place, the place no one else can fill, and help us move towards this great glory.