Dream Interpretation

The Old Testament vividly demonstrates that long ago, God chose to speak through dreams and visions to establish, protect, and guide the nation of Israel. The New Testament reveals that God continued to choose dreams and visions as a means to protect the infant Jesus, as well as to establish and protect the early Christian church.

Thus, it is clearly evident from Scripture that dreams and visions were important centuries ago. But are they just as relevant to the church today? Does God continue to speak through dreams and visions in these turbulent times?

When speaking of the last days, the Bible instructs us, “your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams” (see Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17). Within the church today, there are Christians who have taken these words to heart and who earnestly pursue the God-given interpretation of dreams and visions.

Several years ago, MorningStar established Dream Interpretation teams—small groups of prophetic individuals, dream interpreters, and intercessors. Part of our purpose is to review and analyze the hundreds of strategic dreams, visions, and prophetic words that are submitted to MorningStar each year.

If you have a dream or revelation that you believe is for the corporate body, please fill out the form below being as detailed as possible. You may cut and paste into the box from another document, text only. We apologize that we will not be able to respond to all dream submissions. Your dream will be reviewed and routed to the appropriate person. Thank you.

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