train1Prophetic ministry is given to the church to build us up. MorningStar takes this task seriously. Therefore, the prophetic branch of MorningStar is focused on equipping people, churches, or other organizations in order to help them use the gifts of the spirit. One way this is done is through the intentional promotion and building of character in our lives so that we can steward the power of God. Teaching, discipleship, and activation are some of the components of equipping used. Our heart is to teach all believers to hear the voice of God for themselves and their community so that the transformative heart of God is realized.

train2MorningStar is a place for equipping and training, and we have developed tools and strategies to raise up prophetic voices in our time.  We base our training on the scripture that ‘all may prophesy’ (1 Cor 14:31) and to ‘eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy’ (1 Cor 14:1); we have designed Prophetic Seminars to teach how to hear God’s voice and how to encourage others.  We developed these seminars over years of learning to release others in their Prophetic Gifting.  Our Prophetic Ministry is called to be a powerful Prophetic voice in our day, to release destinies and blessings that will change the atmosphere of our nation.

We want to join with you to equip and train so you can release your own Prophetic voice.

If you would like to have a prophetic workshop in your area, please contact us below. Include the name of your organization, your contact information, and two different dates of availability for the workshop. Our team will respond with more information.

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